Vicopisano is a small medieval village that lies midway between the Monti Pisani and the Arno River. It is is rich in monuments, history and unforgettable landscapes.

The visitor passing through this territory will enjoy the ancient atmosphere of the past.

Vicopisano, formerly known as Vico Auserissola, starting from the tenth century was owned by the bishops of Lucca, repeatedly besieged by the city of LuccaPisa and struggling with finally won by Florence at the end of the fifteenth century.

Formerly, the course of the Arno river flowed right next to Vicopisano, where it received an influx of another major watercours, the Auser(today Serezza), the outlet channel of the largest lake in Tuscany, Lake Sextum, then drained.

Vicopisano reached its highest fame level as a village and as a military citadel during the Republic of Pisa, knowing gradually over a period of decay, but it was during the control of Florence that it had been built the most important construction projects and the city was equipped with impressive works of fortification, as the great tower (“Il Mastio”) thanks to the work of Brunelleschi.

Several other towers are still distinguishable: the fourteenth-centuryClock Tower, the tower called the Four-door (Torre delle Quattro Porte, the tower of Soccorso as well as the Praetorian Palace (Palazzo Pretorio) in the medieval period, now the Municipio.

The town contains the remains of castles and ancient fortifications, as well as the wonderful parish church in 1200, just outside the village, and many other historic churches scattered throughout the territory at the foot of Monti Pisani.

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