Our country house on 2 floors is composed of an older and a newer part.
The old building can be traced back even to 1579, the date engraved on the stone that appears in the main side of the house.

The building is set along the Rio Grifone stream. The newer part was definitely made ​​more recently (in the first half of 1900), but in any case by using techniques and materials of the typical Tuscan tradition: beams and rafters, bricks tiles, local river stones.

This part of the farmhouse has been used to build the ​​so-called “carts”, that is wooden carts pulled by animals used by the farmer.

The two floors of the house are now connected through an internal staircase and by a stone staircase on the northeast side.

In the ’60s and ’70s the structure also housed a general store/tobacconist and later had been used by the former owners as a restaurant.

The renovation of the house, started in 2006-2007, has transformed a dilapidated old structure, in a functional and elegant residence at the same time preserving the rustic style of old Tuscany, designed from the outset to welcome friends and visitors.